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An Equipment Rental Company Like No Other

We stock over 1,500 Phoenix Focus Axial Air Movers and nearly 500 Phoenix 200 Max LGR Dehumidifiers. And we're ready to roll in unmarked trucks with the exact number you need with same- or next-day delivery anywhere in our market area east of the Rockies.

Phoenix equipment has been tested as among the very highest performance water restoration equipment in the industry. This means that drying performance (and your reputation) won't suffer due to lower quality rental equipment!

After every job, we thoroughly clean, test, inspect and replace filters on each piece of equipment, so you can be sure the equipment you rent is always in top notch working order.

Phoenix Focus Axial Air Mover Phoenix 200 Max LGR Dehumidifier
Phoenix Focus Axial Air Mover Phoenix 200 Max LGR Dehumidifier
  • Less than 2.5 amps on high speed
  • 3000 CFM on high speed
  • Power: 7.4 amps
  • Most pints per kilowatt on the market

The Phoenix Axial Air Mover revolutionized evaporative drying by producing airflow velocities of 3000 CFM, while using less than 2.5 amps of electricity (high speed)! This lets you place the proper number of fans to dry the loss as fast as possible and maximize income at the same time.

The Phoenix Focus is the only air mover specifically engineered with patent pending Focus Technology, which not only produces air velocities greater than competitive products, but also focuses those velocities on drying the structure.

The Phoenix 200 max is the ultimate in low grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers. The 200 Max's high efficiency design, effectiveness and versatility make it a true workhorse and the professional restorer's choice!

The 200 Max offers multiple filtration options and allows for ducting both the intake air and the filtered and dehumidified supply air. This makes it possible to easily combine the Phoenix 200 MAX with a HEPA air scrubber, air conditioner or desiccant dehumidifier.

Get your Phoenix water restoration equipment today! Call us at 317-723-8216 or use this form for more information!